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What is the City Record On-Line (CROL)?

An electronic posting of the solicitations and awards appearing in the printed City Record. Please refer to the disclaimer on our homepage.

Is there a help line available for CROL?

Yes. For questions about solicitations or awards use the contact information published in the ad. Agencies submitting ads should call The City Record office at (212) 386-0055.

Which agencies are included in CROL?

All mayoral agencies as well as many Agencies/Officers of New York City Government.

How often is the information on CROL updated?

The data is updated daily.

How long will the solicitations and awards be posted on CROL?

Solicitations will remain posted until the due date. They will then be moved to the Archives. Awards will remain posted for at least 10 days after the publication in The City Record after which they will also be moved to the Archives.

If I have a question regarding the content of the posting who do I contact?

Contact the agency directly. MOCS

If I have a question regarding the bid results or bid award who do I contact?

Contact the agency directly. MOCS

What if a notification on the CROL is different than the printed City Record?

Adhere to the notification in the printed City Record and not the CROL. See CROL disclaimer on our homepage.

Will the CROL replace the printed publications?

No. The City Record will continue to be the authoritative source for solicitations and other notices.

Is the full solicitation document (the actual Bid Book or RFP) available for downloading in CROL?

Not at this time.

Will CROL allow for electronic submissions of bids?

No, bids will be submitted in the normal manner to city agency contacts specified in procurement notice.

Can I request plans, drawings and/or specifications on-line?

No. You must contact the agency listing the procurement notice to request plans, drawings and/or specifications.

Do postings appear first in the City Record or on CROL?

The PDF of the Daily City Record and CROL both appear daily after 12:00 A.M.

If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us using the feedback form.


Pursuant to Section 103 (2) of the New York State General Municipal Law, New York City Charter Section 1066 and the City of New York Procurement Policy Board Rules, The City Record is the official paper of the City of New York. It is published each weekday except legal holidays. This is the electronic version of the procurement notices appearing in the City Record. It includes solicitation and award notices that will appear in the printed version of the City Record. This electronic version of procurement notices are offered solely for the convenience of readers. The printed edition of the City Record is the official publication of the following notices; public hearings, meetings, court notices, property dispositions, procurements (solicitations and awards), agency public hearings, agency rules, and special materials which include changes in personnel.

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